“You, as women, have your own gift to offer to the Church – a gift that is very precious and very needed.”

– Joseph Cardinal Bernadin
Former Archbishop of Chicago and
Episcopal Advisor to the Daughters of Isabella

About Us

The first circle of the Order was founded in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1897, for the purpose of uniting all Catholic women in a sisterhood to achieve the following aims…

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From the International Regent

Welcome to the Daughters of Isabella, one of the largest organizations of Catholic women, who strive each day to live their motto of Unity, Friendship and Charity…

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What We Offer

We have so many things to offer to Catholic women who want to be a part of
the Daughters of Isabella

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Recent News

Circle of the Quarter – St. Cecelia Circle #249, Kingman KS

The members of St. Cecelia Circle #249 of Kingman, Kansas, have been very active this fall. First, several members participated in “Discovering Christ Experience” which is a program designed to revitalize your faith. This program offered various opportunities for the members to serve others by preparing the meals provided for the participants to enjoy; while other members joined in small group discussions about the meaning of life in Jesus Christ. Six members attended the retreat offered on October 15th. Next, the members offered a breakfast fundraiser to support both the seminarians of the Parish and the Immaculate Heart of Mary Sisters. Also in October, the members prayed the rosary in a public place for Our Lady of Fatima, sang hymns, prayed the Litany to Mary and made a Consecration to Our Lady. This circle reminds us all to give of our talents and show by example the true meaning of Unity, Friendship and Charity.

Circle of the Quarter – Fr. Rasle Circle 631 Madison Maine

The Fr. Rasle Circle 631 of Madison, Maine, sponsors a 5th Sunday Fellowship throughout the year. Their membership provides the meal with all the fixings to share with the parish community. In July they took the opportunity to extend a special thanks to the interim pastor, Fr. Al Jacques, for tending the flock though July. The circle provides an on-going event that demonstrates their efforts to provide fellowship and gratitude to the parish community. Their efforts are a great example to our circles to be thankful for our parish communities and show appreciation to others.

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